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Pearl Stringing

This service is also available for other beads. We use either plain stringing or knotted stringing in either nylon, silk or cotton. We can also repair clasps.

Pearl and Bead Stringing - There is a choice of methods used to string pearls, a choice of thread used and a variety of clasps. We also restring other types of beads.

Threads - The threads used are normally Cotton, Silk or Nylon, the strongest being Nylon. Silk and Cotton tend to stretch.

Counting - Before sending a row of pearls or beads for restringing do count the number of beads or pearls you are sending, do not rely on the measurement as this changes when the rows are restrung as a row of pearls that needs restringing is usually stretched. The restringing process removes the slack and the length is reduced although the same number of pearls have been restrung. By counting the pearls before sending to us will provide you with a method of reassuring your customer that they haven't lost any pearls even though the length is shorter.

Plain Stringing - This is where pearls are strung on to a thread in succession with knots only at either end. The ends are finished off with a very finely coiled wire that forms a flexible tube like a spring. This is threaded over the cord to cover the exposed ends and is known as a gimp.

Knotted Stringing - This is where a knot is tied between each pearl,this method is stronger,lasts longer and is more expensive.

Clasps - We can repair, replace or supply most kinds of clasps. Due to the wide variety of styles we recommend that the item is sent for an estimate before and please note that in most cases the item will have to be restrung as well.

Supplying missing pearls, beads or extending can be difficult due to the difficulty of finding matching colours. We can find and replace with the nearest matching available.

Stringing takes about 2/3 week